How It Works

Sign up and activate your writer profile

Seamless social signup/login

If you are open to being hired as a writer, select open for hire.
Fill up your profile details
Keep an eye out to your inbox for opportunities

*You must write 1 blog per week to keep your “actively blogging” badge visible.
Make sure your blog has enough articles, so your future employers can judge the quality of your writing.


For all users

Click on manage domain

Pick a subdomain name you like(

Click connect

From the bottom list click on the “activate” to make your subdomain live.

Access your blog

Click on my blog from the menu or sidebar to access your blog.


For all users

Go to your DNS manager

1.Go to your domain DNS manager
2.Add an A record[ or,
and point it to ]
3.Hit save

Domain manager in Papyras dashboard

5. Type your domain or subdomain
6. Click connect
7. Top the bottom list hit “activate”
8. Go to your domain and see your live website.

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Connect your own domain

You can design email collectors, forms, pop-ups, and call to action with Papyras.

Click Design

1. Go to “Design”
2. Select a design
3. Name this so that you can find it in your text editor later
4. Modify the components to match your brand
5. Click “generate” and your modified design is ready to publish

How to write a blog with Papyras

Click Write

1. Click on write
2. You will see the marketing tool you designed on the right panel.
3. Drag and drop them onto your article
4. Select a topic and a subtopic for better targeting
5. Add a cover image to your article
6. You can also see how your articles look on Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Facebook by clicking here
7. If you are satisfied with your work, hit publish.

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Write a Blog

How to purchase and apply themes

Go to the theme store

Papyras lets you purchase and apply themes to your website
1. To purchase a theme, go to the theme store
2. Simply click on purchase and apply themes to purchase and apply them.
3. On top you shall see all of your purchased themes

4. You can also create your own custom themes, contact our dev team to get a quote. It usually costs $600-$900. And you can resell them in Papyras theme stores. Papyras charges a flat 20% convenience fee, the rest is forwarded to your account every 15 days.


How to get design results

Go to design results

1. From the My Blog section, select design results.
2. Click on Analytics to view the performance of your marketing tools. Click the “analytics” button to view a more detailed view.
3. Click on records to see all your designs, you can also edit them here.


Go to theme settings

1. Click on common contents
2. You can modify your owned themes from this section as well


Go to theme settings

1. From Theme Settings go to Header links
2. Click on add links
3. Click on the Update link to add them to your website.


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