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Jul 06, 2021 - 0 Minutes read

What are Rich media banners? The game-changer of programmatic advertising

Do you want to try out rich media banner ads for your new advertisement campaign but not sure if you should go for it? Read this blog to get a better understanding of Rich media Banners.

For marketers, advertising is becoming more difficult with time. Consumers are now skeptical of new products and many types of studies suggest that over 90 percent of people research before buying anything online. Considering this new customer behavior it is evident that marketers need to step up their game if they want to make their advertising campaign effective.

One of the ways to do that is by switching the traditional ads with rich media ads. Rich media banners are now becoming more popular among the advertisers with time because they are very effective and it is seen that they outperform traditional ads by 2 times.

What are Rich Media Banners?

Rich Media Banners in simple terms can be defined as advertisements that allow the users to interact. In normal advertisements, the users don't get an option to interact with the ads. The traditional ads use either text, images, or videos.

On the other hand, in Rich Media Banners, the texts, images, and videos are integrated so the audience can interact with them. Rich Media Banners are also called multimedia banners because of the presence of multiple elements.

Because there are many elements in the Rich Media Banners, it attracts the customers more and allows them to choose what kind of content they would be willing to consume.

What are the new features of Rich Media Banners?

There are many features of Rich Media Banners, some of which are very desirable for an advertiser while many they have to work with.

 1. Multiple Media

In rich media banners, there are multiple formats of media like images, texts, audios, and videos while in traditional advertisements you can only see one type of media. 

The options to include multiple media makes the Rich Media Banner stand out from traditional ads. Customers notice something different and they get curious to click on it. 

 2. Interactive

The audience doesn't have much choice when it comes to traditional ads. They have to consume the content or they can skip it when it comes to traditional advertisements.

With Rich Media Banners things are different. The audience gets options to pick and interact with the advertisement. It has been seen in the past that engagement increases when there are more interactions.