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Jul 21, 2023 - 0 Minutes read

Top 3 Tractor Companies in India in 2023


Tractors are now the most significant part of a farmer's life, and their use in agriculture makes them one of the most valuable farming assets. In the modern day, farming tasks are impossible to complete without a tractor. A tractor is a multipurpose vehicle that can easily produce several farming tasks, saving farmers time and money.

The top Indian tractor companies are consistently producing high-quality tractors. The leading tractor manufacturers in India are doing everything in their power to offer the best-in-class tractors in the Indian market, with recent advances and technology developing on a regular basis.

Top Tractor Companies in India

Mahindra Tractor:

Mahindra Tractor is a well-known division of Mahindra & Mahindra Limited, an Indian multinational automobile and agricultural equipment manufacturing company. Mahindra Tractors specializes in designing, manufacturing, and selling a wide range of agricultural tractors for farmers worldwide. Some of the famous ones are the Mahindra Novo series, Mahindra Yuvo series, Mahindra Jivo series, and Mahindra XP Plus series, among others.

Mahindra tractors are priced between INR 3 lakhs and INR 16 lakhs on the road in India. Mahindra produces tractors with 15 HP to 75 HP of horsepower.

Features Of Mahindra Tractor

  • The company provides India with the best customer service and support.
  • The company manufactures its tractors using modern technology that is unique.
  • This brand's tractors offer affordable prices and are made of excellent materials.
  • The most popular tractor in India is the Mahindra 575 DI, which belongs to the Mahindra brand. In India, it is also the tractor that sells the most.

Sonalika Tractor:

Another well-known tractor brand in India is Sonalika, which sells tractors in more than 130 countries worldwide. It is one of India's top 5 tractor manufacturers.

The company is known for offering reliable and versatile tractors in the Indian farming sector that can easily complete any task. In India, the company serves more than 11 lakh customers.

Sonalika tractors are available for a starting price of INR 3 lakh* and up to INR 13 lakh* on the market at large in India. The Sonalika tractor's horsepower ranges from 18 HP to 120 HP.

Features Of Sonalika Tractor

  • The company produces its tractors with the newest technology and modern engineering.
  • The brand's tractors are reasonably priced and easily adaptable to carrying out all farming tasks.
  • Some popular models of this brand are Sonalika Sikander RX 750 III DLX, and Sonalika DI 35, Sonalika DI 740, Sonalika DI 42 RX, among others.

John Deere Tractors

John Deere Tractor is a prominent and globally recognized brand in the agricultural machinery industry. John Deere offers a wide range of tractors, catering to various farming needs and land sizes. Their lineup includes compact utility tractors, row-crop tractors, specialty tractors, and high-horsepower tractors for heavy-duty applications. John Deere tractors often come equipped with advanced features like GPS-guided precision farming, automated systems, and connectivity options.

In India, John Deere tractors start at INR 5 lakhs* including on-road prices. The horsepower range for tractors made under the John Deere brand is 28 HP to 120 HP.

Features Of John Deere Tractor

  • The company produces the most powerful and advanced tractors.
  • In India, John Deere was the first company to market 4-wheel-drive tractors with 40 HP or more.
  • John Deere 5310 is the most popular tractor model of the John Deere brand.