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Feb 12, 2021 - 0 Minutes read

Technology Hidden Facts-Revealed

How Far we must allow technology to Intervene 

Whenever we hear the word "TECHNOLOGY", what strikes the most in our mind? Some will say computer, mobile, games, social platforms, and so on. In real terms, technology is beyond our imaginations. People are getting used to technology so much that they can't even imagine their complete day without its presence. In today's topic, we will see some amazing hidden facts of technology that has been revealed.  

#1 Technology has reached an advanced level. It means that technology can now read the human mind. Once you search any favorite item on an online search engine, Artificial Intelligence technology will keep you viewing the relevant items only without your concern. You will see yourself amaze that the things not even present in your mind, technology bought up in front of your naked eyes. 

#2 Privacy has entirely vanished from human life. Technology has made every human life an open-source platform, anyone can know your likes and dislikes from any part of the world. Now, whether you agree or disagree getting reap off technology from your life is next to impossible. What should be done then?  We can't eliminate technology from life but we can control its usage. That's the only way out.  


Condemning technology is never been the solution. The presence of it is for a progressive world and for the betterment of human life. If you believe that due to technology your life is disturbing. It will be ideal to control its usage.