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Feb 11, 2021 - 0 Minutes read

Top 10 Indian Dog Breeds

Top 10 Indian Dog Breeds Which are really great and better than western species

Dogs meaning of love dogs so cute summer really scary but every dog have 1 same quality which is royalty even in any condition today we will be introduced to top 10 Indian dog breeds which are really great some of them are crate grounds hounds summer really cute and suitable for small home or apartment and not to mention some of them are really strong and muscular that you would love to have it maybe some of you are going to you are thinking of buying the first dog in their life then you should read the read this article till the end to get well informed about Indian dog breeds

  The dog lives an average life of 13 years living in this long time any dog will become one of your family members in the future so you should have to choose the dog with great health and easy learner which will be friendly with your family then you have to kick great care while choosing the dog. I am introducing here "Top 10 Indian Dog breeds".

10.Rampar Grey Hound

Top 10 Indian Dog Breeds

these dogs are really muscular than that much attractive but they are too active these dogs are a long runner and very speedy that you have to ride on a bike to compete with them but to underline it they are very healthy and they don't need that much care so if you are a new owner then you can buy this one.

9.Kumaun Mastiff

Top 10 Indian Dog Breeds

These dogs were originated in Uttarakhand from Kumaon Hills but even though lasted soulless in numbers they are endangered species of Indian dog breeds in India that's a sad thing to say

8.Chippiparai Dog Breed

Top 10 Indian Dog Breeds

this brown bread was originated by royalties in Tamilnadu royalties of Tamilnadu visit bred them especially for guarding and hunting wild animals like rabbit bear and bore they have nice muscular power and very healthy not needed to take that much care


Top 10 Indian Dog Breeds

These breeds of dog are perfect for the role of house protector family protector they are very loyal to their owners even if they have to face big animal like a beer you can always depend on this breed dog I am sure that unfortunately if you face any dangerous animal this talk will protect you till the end of his life.

These dogs are well-known among breeders for their loyalty to the owners


Top 10 Indian Dog Breeds

if you want to buy a watchdog then this is the perfect Indian breed for this work I will tell you whenever an unknown person came to your home if you live in an apartment then you should buy it because they are appointment friendly and also you can take care of them in a small house and if you are going to buy your first dog then you can have this you can get this breed dog above 3000 rupees India nearly any in a major city

5.Kashmiri SheepDog

Top 10 Indian Dog Breeds

this dog is specialized in guarding it is widely used in Kashmir to guard livestock against bloodthirsty wild animals if you want a dog that can guard your family and house then you don't have to worry if you have a Kashmiri sheepdog. I can assure you that you can rely on this breed of dog


Top 10 Indian Dog Breeds

This breed originated in South India these are great hunting dogs used to hunt down baisa bore and dear.

even though with this great loyalty and nice muscular structure they are endangered species of dog in India due to less popularity of Indian breed there are many species which are endangered because of people ignored Indian species of dog

3.Mudhol Hound

Its name it's excellent found bread and also selected by an Indian army mudhole hound are very muscular and have a very strong sense of smell.

Top 10 Indian Dog Breeds

They need more exercise than the common one, that's why I will not recommend Reddit for or the people who are going to buy their first dog

2.Indian Spitz

These dogs are very cute they are similar to European Spitz but they are more suitable for the Indian environment and whether there are also comfortable in flats for a small house you might prefer this one instead of European Spitz.

Top 10 Indian Dog Breeds

They are very friendly with family and small children's


This breed was originated in Andhra Pradesh. it's the very muscular nearly perfect dog they are also known as Indian Doberman what else I can say about them you can see in this picture.

So please comment below if I forget to mention something about them or any other Indian species which is worth including in this list you can also contact us from the top of the page or bottom of the page where you can see our contact us menu option thank you!!

this was the list of Top 10 Indian Dog breeds