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Apr 03, 2021 - 0 Minutes read

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Story: As an artist I need to remember the value of practice every time I learn something new. I was trained as a painter. I painted for years as a student of Fine Arts in uni. I took up calligraphy much later and I expected myself to be a master at it right in the beginning because art was not new to me.

Little did I realize how much practice it would take me to produce anything that looks even remotely decent! So yes, it was a humbling experience. The discovery that I was terrible at calligraphy even though I did Masters in painting was a bitter pill to swallow. However, it now actually feels like a relief because I know that even though I was not a master in the beginning phase as I wrongly expected myself to be, there is hope for me!

There is hope for me because practice is a great equalizer that can one day elevate me to the level of a master, in shaa Allah!

A question for you!

Have you ever experienced disappointment when you began to learn something for the first time? If yes, how did you deal with the emotion? ..

- Sanjida Shaheed