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Mar 09, 2021 - 0 Minutes read

How To Resolve The Garmin GPS Won't Sync

Let us see how to resolve the Garmin GPS Sync Failed issue:

There are at times when you are using the Garmin GPS and out of nowhere you are facing some issues. There are some issues such as the Garmin GPS Won’t Sync. There are many factors that are responsible for this issue.

When you understand these factors, then you will be able to resolve these issues. Garmin GPS is among the best GPS as most of the users are using it in America. They are a reliable source of navigation among their competitors.

Although there are at times when you are using the Garmin GPS, there are some issues that you can face.

One of the most common issues is the Garmin GPS Sync Failed.

You need to take care of some things such as the device must remain in the Bluetooth range of the smartphone. The Bluetooth must be active on both of the devices which is the smartphone and the Garmin GPS device.

  • The first thing that you need to do is to turn off the Bluetooth setting on the smartphone and then turn it on after 2 seconds.
  • After that, you need to close the Garmin connect app on your device and then restart it after 10 seconds. Make sure that the app is closed so that it is not running in the background.
  • Then you need to restart the smartphone and the Garmin device.
  • Remove the Garmin device from the app and then add it from the beginning.

Try and rest both devices from the start. Connecting them with each other is going to eliminate all the glitches which may not be allowing the Garmin to connect with the app.

Soft Reset:

There are at times when you cannot resolve the issue and thus what you can do is to soft reset the device. In order to soft reset the device, you need to hold the device until you see that it is restarted.

Once it is turned on, you need to try and connect the device with your smartphone. This step is going to help you resolve the issue.

If you are still not able to resolve the Garmin GPS Won't Sync, then you can get in touch with us and we are going to help you out. Our experts are experienced and will help you resolve the issue.