Hatim Sunelwala

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Apr 07, 2021 - 0 Minutes read

How is Aqsit actually helpful for Interior Designers?

What is your ultimate goal out of every project?If you are not thinking about generating revenue, then you are thinking wrong.Did you know Interior Design Projects that use Project Management principles, have approximately 30% better final results in terms of efficiency, quality and revenue generation.A project that is supposed to be completed in 60 days, if completed in 90 days, would make you miss out on at-least 2 projects per year, along with quality of projects completed being less than expected.Aqsit as a tool helps you just there!Every business needs to have a system, without which the business will run with your eyes blindfolded. With Aqsit, you are using technology to elevate your processes.Let's say you are having 2 projects right now. You need to understand both the projects have different sets of clients with different mindsets, and the management required in both the projects will be different. Here's where we start with Aqsit, you need to have a platform where you aren't just seeing your projects on one page, but inside those projects managing individual items systematically.It's also about your mindset, if things are in place from the beginning, it will help you have better clarity and you will remain in track of almost everything.After this, everything you are doing is with a project management approach, every small task scheduled, or every expense tracked, and even selecting material and products for the project. With Aqsit, you are making sure you have a system to follow the Project Management principles. Having in hand an overview of both your projects, with exact data, will allow you to complete the 60 day project in no more than 60 days, with Aqsit.