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Feb 11, 2021 - 0 Minutes read

Book Review

Becoming by Michelle Obama

Page count: 448
Readability: medium to difficult

I wanted to read this one for a long time and finally got my hands on it as soon as I realized that I could :D Coming to the book. It has three major parts, becoming me, becoming us and becoming more.

Becoming Me, entails Michelle's childhood period till the end of her student life. From showing her as a little girl who's so full of determination and energy to conquer any field she lands her feet into. Who's sensible enough to observe how the people belonging to her race are often neglected their basic rights and treated differently than the others. And at the same time tells us about how she's lived in a healthy environment of her loving family, her parents and her brother Craig, who've proved to be as supportive brother as one could ever wish for.

Becoming Us, tells about how she met her other half, Barack Obama, just after she starts her practical life. From having this strange guy with an even strange name, surfacing in her office to be assisted by her (as per her job requirement), to leading them both to liking each others company and finding themselves falling for one another to the point of making it to a more serious relationship, marriage. But this isn't the end of this fairytale, if anything, it's only the beginning. Starting from scratch in terms of political career Barack soon indulges himself in politics for years to come only to take a momentarily pause after having elected as President of the United States which turns their whole lives around, albeit for good but still brings a whole lot of challenges and responsibilities to be attended to. Meanwhile Michelle also shuffles from one job to another to find the purpose of her life in the shape satisfaction she drives by helping the people of her country especially American Africans. Though this journey of striking a balance between family and work demanded a hell lot of sacrifices by her who's now a mother to two girls, Malia and Sasha, whom she's very overprotective of.

Becoming More: reflects the mental growth of Michelle herself cause now being the First Lady her responsibilities have grown tenfold and she hasn't slept her way to the place where she belongs now. Other than her family she is now more concerned about the well being of the people who have chosen her husband to rule over them. Every step she takes now is with the greatest of cares for now all eyes are on her, the hoping eyes as well as those of the critiques. This kind of disturbs the private life of her family but yet she has to embrace it with a smiling face.

The writing style of Michelle is very impressive and yet difficult hence making the book kind of slow paced for the reader. But overall its a thoroughly enjoyable read.
Would be giving it a 4.5 stars.